All exercises have been tested sport scientifically and are described in detail regarding the starting position, movement and claimed muscle groups 
 Holistic body workout with your own body weight only and/or with sports equipment 
 Motivating Calistix soundtrack that dynamically adjusts to the exercises in the workouts over 
and over afresh. Alternatively listen to your own songs via iPod 
 Power motivation via audio that boosts the fun factor 
 Strikingly deep statistics 
 iOS 10 design with stylish and animated graphics 
 Ease of operation / you can start everything without settings 
 No advertisements 
 Available languages: English, German

CrossSport-Mode (Outdoor)

  • More than 248 exercises for power, endurance & balance
  • Let the app put together almost infinite variations of sport-methodically sensible workouts for 
you or create your own favorites
  • Ghost Mode: dare yourself or friends to a training and track live all data of your opponent 

  • 3 difficulty levels: easy/middle/hard 

Your iPhone is automatically measuring your throwing and jumping range 


Choose your favorite sports:

  • Running
  • Nordic Walking
  • Hiking
  • Walking
  • Ski-Run
  • Cycling
  • or Mountain-Biking

Interval training

Push yourself to the edge of your limits.

Reach the Max. (incl. Beginner-Training with pre-set exertion- & recovery phases) 
 Ghost Mode: dare yourself or friends to a training and track live all data of your opponent 
Optimize your display: customize the presentation and audio response of the measured data, 
up to 51 possible combinations available

Fitness-Mode (Indoor)

  • More than 248 exercises for power, endurance and balance
  • incl. warm-ups and cool-downs
  • Enjoy almost infinite variations of tailor-made, sport-methodically sensible workouts
  • 5 difficulty levels: easy/easy+middle/middle/middle+hard/hard
  • Select your workout times: 5 / 10/ 15 min

Top Extras

  • Heart Rate Sensor: measure your heart rate by placing your finger on the iPhone camera – no extra equipment needed
  • BMI & WHR Calculator that show you the ideal zones; with selective measurement units (cm/inch, kg/lbs) 

  • Pedometer
  • Calorie Counter
  • Fitness-Tests
  • Trainings


  • Instantly get an extra package with over 200 new exercises
  • 4 new exercises

  • 2 new workouts
  • 1 new fitness test
  • free upgrades